Hunting Horn Chamber of Hunters Horn Ensemble

About us

The Chamber of Hunters Horn Ensemble was founded in 2005 in the annual Arms, Angling and Hunting International Exhibition. Professional and enthusiastic amateur horn players gave rise to the then only a five-member formation. Today, the Chamber of Hunters Horn Ensemble has increased to ten people.

Most of us indulge in the passion for hunting and in the meantime our connecting professional musicians strongly linked to nature.

Our instruments and repertoire are varied. Besides the well-known Pless Horns - B-tuned natural horns - the specific sounds of E flat / B Parforce Horn instruments give especial musical experience.

Our artistic palette includes the classic German hunting horn signals and historic signals and not least the self-composed pieces.

Members (from left to right):
Tibor Hornyák, Balázs Tóth, Ferenc Palatinusz, Sándor Mészáros - Parforce Horn
Balázs Tápai - Parforce Horn, Pless Horn
Csaba Nagy, Gábor Kovács, József Szász, József Marek, Kálmán Siklósi - Pless Horn

Chamber of Hunters Horn Ensemble Tibor Hornyák Balázs Tóth Ferenc Palatinusz Sándor Mészáros Balázs Tápai Csaba Nagy Gábor Kovács József Szász József Marek Junior Kálmán Siklósi